Blocked Drains? Clear the mightiest drain clogs with Drain Clog Digestor

Unblock clogged hair in your shower drain, break up food stuck in your kitchen sink, or even get rid of that disgusting stench in a porta potty or caravan toilet.


A revolutionary probiotic based formulation for effective maintenance, reduction and sanitation of bad bacteria in drains and on surfaces

Versatile Usage

Odour Elimination

Pest Reduction

Continuous Protection

Bioactive Formula

Drain Clog Digestor™ quickly dissolves hair, scum, and organic blockages, ensuring clean drains and odour control. Safe for pipes and septic systems.



Pour one chamber slowly into drain and allow to sit in drain for at least 30 minutes. For toilets pour both chambers.


Let stand for at least 20 minutes and then flush with the hottest water possible. For toilets, let sit for at least 2 hours or overnight and flush once water level returns to normal.

Fast Formula

Eats through Sludge

Australian Made

Fragrance Free

Professional Performance


Maintaining a healthy septic system involves regular care. SEPTIC GUARD pods are designed for convenient system maintenance

SEPTIC GUARD provides a year’s worth of maintenance treatments. Simply drop a pod directly into the toilet bowl per month as a care routine.

Eco Safe

Controlled Usage

Safe for the Planet

Odour Neutralisation