Drain Pro Septic Guard

$34.50 inc GST

DrainPro Septic Guard Product InformationDrain Pro Septic Guard provides 12 month’s hassle-free maintenance for your septic.  Australian made and owned, Septic Guard will help to break down organic fats, grease, oils and build up to provide a balanced septic helping to reduce backups and odours.



A balanced septic means environmental conditions are favourable where enough natural occurring bacteria outcompetes all other bacteria or fungi present within the septic system. Due to the use of harsh chemicals, septic systems become unbalanced and create odours and blockages.

Septic Guard pods are designed for convenient system maintenance, to enhance performance by breaking down organic waste build-up, neutralising odours, chemicals, and restoring balance. With 12 pre-measured flushable pods per satchel, Septic Guard provides a year’s worth of hassle-free maintenance treatments.

Flush one pod down the toilet bowl each month to ensure balance of bacterial activity within your septic system, giving you the peace of mind of an odour-free and hygienic septic. Each pod will service a tank of up to 2500 litres with 12 pods in each satchel.  This can provide up to 12 months of hassle maintenance for your septic.

Key Features

  • 12x pre-measured flushable pods promotes controlled use, no mess,
    mixing or diluting of chemicals
  • Eco-friendly, PH-friendly, biodegradable formula means it’s safe
    around plants, animals, and people
  • Minimises backups, odours and expensive maintenance repairs
  • Australian owned formula, promoting local sustainability.
  • Digests and liquefies waste and paper by breaking down organics
    and chemical solvents to maintain septic biological activity
  • Phosphate-free, formaldehyde-free, and preservative-free,
    ensuring a clean formula
  • Bioactive technology remains active for prolonged efficacy as it
    boosts the natural occurring bacteria
  • Powerful enzymes with probiotics prevent backups and neutralise
    odours effectively for a fresher environment
  • Safe to use in septic and wastewater recycling / effluent systems
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial use when used as directed
  • Safe on pipes